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heat gun

heat gun
heat gun
heat gun
Model No.︰Bosite-DL
Brand Name︰Bosite
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

This is our new type hand held hot air gun,we add three functions on the baisis of BOSITE-D hand held hot air gun

Bosite-DL hand held hot air gun Function and features
1:LED show temperature clearly
The life span of LED is about 10, 0000 hours, users can adjust the temperature accurately according to the welding request, .The deviation of the temperature showed by LED and the actual outlet temperature doesn’t exceed 10 degrees. When standby time, the deviation is±1degree.

2:We design two stage air volume
This hand held hot air gun has two stage air volume, high air volume and low air volume. Some welding procedure need high air flow and some need low air flow, so our new type Bosite-DL have this have solve this problem.

3. Temperature delaying shut down automatically
Why we add this function? Because hot air gun is different from other electric power tools, it works under high temperature. Some major parts of hot air gun is plastic, they may melt if shut down suddenly. Now let’s compare our new type Bosite-DL hand held hot air gun with others.

Hot air gun made by others: users do have to adjust the temperature switch to “0” position and blow cold wind for minutes before shut down. But sometimes we are very easy to forget this and sometimes appear power off. If we don’t operate like this and shut down the hot air gun suddenly. The temperature of the ceramic heating element is still very high. Now some plastic parts, such as commute cover, impeller will melt under high temperature. This shortcoming causes hot air tools broken out for many new users.

Our new type Bosite-DL hand held hot air gun:  we designed temperature delaying shut down function. So we have overcome this shortcoming. Delaying shut down function is simultaneous with temperature. shut down function is that users don’t need to worry forgetting blowing cold wind for the gun before shut down and don’t need to adjust the temperature switch to the “0” position , shut down the gun directly is ok.

4. Bosite all use best raw material
1>all the plastic parts of our hot air gun are made of nylon66+40% glass fiber, it is really heat resistant material, it won't melt under high temperature of 180 degree
2>our larger impeller blades increase the transmission of air flow across the heating element, with a larger total volume of air, (285 l/m). This speeds welding production times and welds up to a 2" wide seam with one pass.
3>the life span of our heating element is very long, we use isolated junction type sheathed thermocouple, it has features of pressurization、shock resistance、flexibility、quick thermalresponse. The sensor is very steady so that the life of the heating element is long.
4> our superior motor features high temperature bearings and carriers made from heat reducing alloys that disburse heat to keep the motor components cool.  The machine balanced spindles reduces vibration resulting in the smoothest operating hand gun on the market today. As added safety precaution, Bosite has double insulated all wiring and added a third wire to the motor itself for grounding, further reducing the potential for electric shock.

Technical Specification
The temperature control precision is high. And the operation temperature range is 30-700 degree and it was fitted with a heat protection. So it's especially use for high temperature continuously work. According to the human body structure we designed a small hand tube, so it can operate more flexible, portable, and laborsaving. In addition to welding, but also on the hot plastic molding, docking and other operations, with automatic welding machines, Bosite-DL is also required in other departments to use as a hot-air blower.

Rated voltage: 220V/230V/110V
Max power: 1600W
Air volume: 13.8m³ /h
Air pressure: 3000pa
Insulating intensity: 3750v
Temperature range: 30-700degree  
Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Payment Terms︰TT
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heat gun
heat gun
heat gun
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